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Guy Aceto Biography

Guy AcetoGUY ACETO started painting, drawing, and taking pictures when he was a child. His passions have always been art and aviation and he has had the gifts and talents to use those two passions as his career.

Working for 21 years as the Art Director for AIR FORCE Magazine, his photos were on the cover of more than 35 issues in a fifteen-year period. He told countless stories through his work, taking the reader behind the scenes to look at the service from the flightline to the cockpit of some of the hottest aircraft flying. He has amassed some 500 hours in fighters, tanker and transport aircraft. His travels have taken him to Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, South Korea, Europe, and the Persian Gulf as well as throughout the continental United States. Guy did the layout and design of more than 200 issues of the magazine and a number of other special publications. He continues to work with AIR FORCE Magazine in a freelance capacity.

In addition to his work at AIR FORCE, he has done consulting and freelance graphic work for a number of publications. Among them, Lockheed Martin's Code One Magazine, Time Life Books, Pocket Books, Discovery Communications, Ballantine Books, Howell Press, and the Helicopter Association International's ROTOR Magazine. His photographs have also appeared in Combat Aircraft and FLYING Magazines. Currently, he is the Photo Editor for World War II and Aviation History magazine.

It's not all flightlines and fast jets. He contributes often to Backstreets magazine with his photographs of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Guy's images of Asbury Park, New Jersey and other rock and roll photographs have also appeared on DVD and CD covers and other musician's websites. In 2006 Guy had the great fortune to photograph several of the Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Session Band's concerts for Backstreets magazine. A number of those images were highlighted during a unique online special with Sony and AOLmusic, highlighting that tour. He is excited about the current Springsteen tour and has already photographed a number of concerts for Backstreets.

Guy has done graphic design work for Montgomery County Government in Maryland, local youth basketball leagues, and a number of logo designs and brochures. He is also an accomplished mural artist who can make a child's room something magical and one of a kind by working in multi media to accomplish the desired look.

As comfortable at the drawing table as he is with his cameras or his computer, Guy offers skills and experience as both an artist and photographer that few can match. Belief in a cause and a desire to "give back" are a catalyst for a number of Guy's current projects.

Guy Aceto lives with his wife and children in Northern Virginia.

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